Jul 1, 2011

Higher testosterone levels help men get ripped

A guy's masculinity is accurately measured by his testosterone levels. This hormone contributes to aggressiveness, high sex drive and the desire to get ripped. Men with low testosterone tend to be far less assertive, have lower sex drive and tend to be more inactive than high-testosterone males.

A new study conducted at the University of Louvain in Belgium looked at the relationship between body fat and testosterone levels. The higher the men's waist circumference, body fat and body mass index, the lower their testosterone levels are. "This correlation suggests a potential causal relationship between obesity and low testosterone," says Jean-Paul Thissen, one of the lead researchers.

This is great news, as it appears that testosterone levels have a certain plasticity that may be controlled by the individual. While those with high testosterone levels feel a greater desire to get ripped, that motivation may be heightened by proper nutrition and exercise such as weight training.

The lower the body mass index, the greater the drive to successfully build muscles. Muscles burn calories much more readily than other tissue. Therefore, it is probable that once an increase in muscle tone has been achieved, the higher testosterone levels may promote a greater drive to get ripped. This forms a positive feedback loop.  

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