Jan 23, 2012

Make the most out of an aquatic workout

RipFire to get ripped


As you're trying to get ripped, it's important to try out different exercises to determine which one will hold your interest and keep you heading back out for more. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, water exercises are a great way to workout, especially if you have arthritis or need to give the muscles a break from your get ripped routine.

Recently, the Huffington Post spoke to fitness expert Ben Greenfield about what you need to know before beginning a water exercise routine. First, he said that you need to have the right clothing. For men, this means getting a Speedo or a jammer, which is something that resembles bike shorts for the water. Women should get a one-piece bathing suit that's made for aquatic exercise.

Next, he said you should pick up some equipment that will make the most out of your exercise.

"Fins increase the surface area of your foot, making it harder to kick against the water, while paddles increase the surface area of your hands, making it harder to push your hand against the water. This means more calorie-burning and strength-building for your arms and legs," writes Greenfield for the Post.

Finally, he says that along with traditional swimming, jogging in the water while wearing a flotation belt and aquatic shoes is an excellent workout. 

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